Sign Up Here - And Receive...NOTHING! ;-)

Hi there, here's the thing - I've been badgered - literally for 3 years - to start to get involved in the marketing to Internet Marketers gig.  And well - I haven't - much to the chagrin of my mentors - oops!

And honestly I'm not necessarily about to now.

Why I am offering you this chance to sign up to a list - *my list* (oh that sounds so important) - is because I get a lot of emails from people asking for guidance, answers to specific questions and so forth - and I thought - well if you might be interested in what I have to say...why don't I "capture" (without a net & tranquilizers) your email and maybe I can be of service to you via that...

So what can you expect?

Honestly I don't know.

I do know I'm not big on self promotion.

I do know I am big on helping others - and that gives me the greatest buzz.

You might just get the one email from me, and that will be that. So really you have nothing to lose by signing up - and I'm not going to offer you a set of steak knives by doing so.

I guess what I can promise you is that if/when I email you - sure I might use some marketing speak (so LEARN from that) - AND I will always speak from the heart. I am incredibly passionate - so if I like something and share it with you - you can be guaranteed it's because I KNOW it's great!

I will offer you tips along the way - in fact in the first email there are a few email marketing 101 tips from the world's greatest email marketer...I wonder who he is?! ;-)

So - sign up if you're curious. And if I thoroughly P*ss you off for some reason (often it's because I'm too happy - lol) - just hit the unsubscribe button.